Why Staging Is Important When Selling A Home

Selling a house in the Greater Boston Suburbs requires the knowledge and expertise of a certified real estate expert such as Elena Price. With more than 28 years of experience, she can guide you through the entire selling process to ensure you get the most value for your home.

Before selling a home consider staging the property. This invaluable marketing strategy can reduce the time your listing spends on the market and help secure an advantageous deal.

Deciding how you are going to sell your luxury property

The first step in selling a house is deciding how to attract prospective buyers. Some people choose to work with iBuyers or list For Sale By Owner (FSB0), but both options carry pitfalls and unnecessary risks.

The most commonly recommended method of selling a house is to use a certified real estate agent familiar with the local real estate market. Working with an experienced professional can help increase your chances of finding a verified buyer in the quickest amount of time.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, 86% of sellers relied on the assistance of a real estate agent when selling their home. In 2021, FSBOs accounted for only 10% of home sales, with the average price of $225,000 for an FSBO home considerably lower than the $330,000 received in agent-assisted home sales. FSBO sellers found the following tasks to be the most challenging aspect of selling a house:
  • Preparing and fixing up the home for sale
  • Receiving the right price
  • Understanding and executing the proper paperwork
  • Selling the property within the planned time
  • Having enough time to focus on the sale of the property
  • Attracting prospective buyers
  • Assisting buyers with financing

Finding a trusted real estate agent

When looking for a real estate agent to sell your home, it is essential to select someone you can trust and are comfortable working with. You'd like to find an experienced person who is familiar with the neighborhood and has substantial industry contracts to attract verified buyers who may be interested in purchasing your property.

Elena Price has achieved over $1 billion in real estate sales and is in the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide, ranked #4 company-wide. She is a valued Greater Boston Real Estate board member and a certified specialist in new home sales, marketing, relocation, and global luxury.
Having successfully sold over 1,000 homes, Elena Price has the knowledge to help you get the best deal possible for your property. She can also recommend a professional staging company to help prepare your home for sale.

What is staging?

Showcasing the standout features of your home can help potential buyers envision living in your house. Removing personal belongings, rearranging furniture, and temporarily adding neutral accessories and furnishings can help the home take on universal appeal. The primary goal of staging is to help buyers create an emotional connection with the house, enticing them to make an offer.

The National Association of Realtors® 2021 Profile of Home Staging revealed that 81% of buyer's agents said, "Staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home."

Benefits of staging

The most important space to stage is the living room, followed by the primary bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining room. Some of the benefits of staging include:
  • Increasing the perceived value of the property
  • Helping buyers visualize a vacant home
  • Creating high-quality photographs to attract online interest
  • Making the home more appealing to a larger pool of prospective buyers
  • Highlighting the property's best features
  • Providing a clean, updated appearance
Staging is not meant to hide problem areas but rather accentuate the primary focal points of the property and highlight its best features. Many buyers today are looking to invest in a lifestyle, and being able to visualize living in the space can encourage them to make an offer.

Hiring a professional staging company

A professional staging company can work objectively with your property, pulling from a vast inventory of artwork, furniture, and upscale furnishings to add universal appeal to your living space. Since a professional staging company has no emotional attachment to your home, they can be objective in removing photographs and personal items to create a move-in-ready appearance.

When prospective buyers enter a vacant property or home in disarray, they often feel uncomfortable walking through the house. However, a professionally staged home creates a welcoming environment that encourages people to take their time to explore the premises.

How much will it cost to hire a professional staging company?

Investing in the services of a professional staging company can save you time and money. The cost varies depending on the size of the home, location, and services required. The nationwide average is $1,774, typically costing between $750 and $3,000, and can get as high as $6,000 if rental furniture is needed.

A vacant home will cost more to stage since all of the furnishings will need to be provided by the staging company to create a lived-in appearance. A home with residents still occupying the property may require a deep cleaning, storing nonessential items, rearranging furniture, and decluttering.

Will staging affect the bottom line when selling a house?

A potential buyer is unlikely to bid below the asking price after inspecting a professionally staged property. This is because most people expect that a home in move-in-ready condition is devoid of any defects or maintenance requirements that could lower the final offer.

The National Association of Realtors® substantiates this theory, reporting that home staging can increase the value of a property by 1% to 5% compared to a home that did not get staged.

Staging is an important marketing tool to consider when selling a house

Elena Price is recognized among the top 1% of agents by the Coldwell Banker® Society of Excellence. In 2023, RealTrends named her one of the Top 25 U.S. Real Estate agents. As a global luxury specialist, she has a broad knowledge of the Greater Boston Suburbs real estate market and assists clients with buying or selling properties throughout the region.

Contact Elena Price to learn more about staging your property and how she incorporates it into her marketing plan. It can provide an advantage against similar homes for sale in the surrounding communities. Working with Elena offers you a wealth of knowledge and unsurpassed experience, helping to ensure your real estate objectives become a reality.

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