Our Comprehensive Real Estate Marketing Plan to Sell Your Next Home

For most people, their home is arguably one of the most valuable assets in their portfolio. It stands to reason that obtaining the best possible offer for such a significant asset would require the exceptional expertise of a top-notch leader in the real estate field. Coldwell Banker's Elena Price is an outstanding champion in the fast-paced arena of real estate sales.

Elena Price is an award-winning, best-in-class luxury real estate agent. She's in the top one percent of the country's sellers, the top-selling broker by volume in Westwood, and one of the hardest-working real estate brokers in the United States. When homeowners entrust their most important assets to her, they can rest assured that she'll do everything possible to get them the finest sales offer for their upscale property.

How can a best-in-class real estate agent deliver superior results for your high-end property? It's time to find out!

Begin with a top-notch website

When people are in the market for a luxury property, they want easy access to the most informative data elements that will tell them everything they need to know about the estates available in their desired location. One of the best ways to provide this information is through a professionally designed website that intuitively provides affluent shoppers with all the information they need to take the next step and actively inquire about upscale properties.

Working with Elena Price, you can be sure that your abode's fabulous amenities, including practical features such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms included in the residence, will be available for online viewing in a compelling format. If a potential buyer thinks your listing may be "the one," they can easily access Elena's contact information from the main page of her website.

The pre-marketing phase

An excellent website is just the start of your real estate journey. Once you decide to work with Elena, she takes several steps we might call “pre-marketing.” During this stage, which begins immediately after your initial consultation, Elena networks your home throughout your local real estate community. This way, Elena’s colleagues can help link you with motivated buyers.

Though perceived as public, social media involves a lot of work behind the scenes, and that work also starts with your and Elena’s first meeting. As a Certified Marketing Specialist, Elena constantly stays up-to-date on all social media marketing trends. She knows how buyers perceive the value of your home and emphasizes its best features accordingly. With Elena working the market on your behalf, you can go about your regular routine confident your sale is proceeding well.

Make your listing take center stage

Naturally, prospective buyers want to see beautiful estates for sale during their online search, which is why Elena and her team offer a fabulous online display of professionally photographed images of your residence. With just a few clicks, your property's best features will take center stage. As potential buyers pour over your estate's beautiful exterior and interior qualities, they're much more likely to fall in love with everything they see, just as you did when you saw your house for the first time.

Elena also has a VIP service where she provides helpful tips on maximizing the beauty of your property so it's ready to impress during its online debut.

Craft a professionally written MLS description

You know you have a fantastic place, but sometimes, it's challenging to put your thoughts and feelings about your soon-to-be former residence into words. That's why it's best to leave it to the experts and let them highlight all the remarkable features of your current abode by creating a professionally written description. This master description is entered into the multiple listing service (MLS) database.

The MLS is a shared database that contains listings of properties for sale by realtors from all over the country. Sharing all the positive traits of your listing with others will result in your home's persuasive description reaching a wider audience. A more extended reach means you'll have a higher chance of getting the right buyer.

Generate interest with an effective email marketing campaign

As much as people searching for their dream home love to browse through listings online, they lead busy lives like everyone else, which means they may miss out on opportunities to connect with a dwelling that would be perfect for them. In cases like this, email engagement can be very effective. 

With her targeted email campaigns, Elena reaches out to potential buyers by drawing their attention to all the beautiful features that make your dwelling unique. Her email communications also provide helpful contact information so new clients can easily connect with her to set up an appointment for a private viewing.

Schedule open house events

Of course, nothing can replace seeing a gorgeous residence in person. This is just one of the reasons why open house events are so popular with buyers and sellers. Elena and her team of experts efficiently handle all the details associated with sponsoring an open house, including scheduling and marketing the occasion, advising sellers on how to prepare for their special event, and attending the open house on the scheduled day to provide helpful guidance and answer any questions posed by potential buyers.

While it can be challenging for homeowners to prepare for such an event, Elena and her team strive to make the open house process seamless and uncomplicated. With Elena's experienced hand guiding the preparations, holding the event, and fielding the essential follow-up afterward, sellers can be confident that their open house will succeed.

Partner with a premier real estate agent

Elena Price is fully committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of buyers and sellers who entrust her with managing their real estate transactions. Elena consistently applies her professionalism and extensive knowledge to finalize all the crucial aspects of buying and selling high-end properties. With her efficiently managing all the essential details involved in listing and promoting your property, negotiating a superb deal, and ensuring all deadlines are met with complete accuracy, you are free to focus on preparing to separate from your current home and begin the next exciting chapter of your life.

If you're looking to sell your valuable investment, we can help! To learn more about Elena Price's comprehensive real estate marketing plan, please visit her website and contact her. We look forward to hearing from you!

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