Elena’s Unfulfilled Buyer Requests



  • Westwood – Single family home in Martha Jones District, 4+ bedroom
  • Westwood – Single family home in Deerfield District, up to 5+ bedrooms, 2+ acre lot, $2-4m and $3m+
  • Dedham – Single family in walk-to-town location, 3+ bedroom
  • Needham/Westwood/Dover – Single family newer home with a spacious lot, 5 bedrooms up to $3m
  • Dover – Single family home, 3+ bedrooms, up to $1.5m
**This does not include all of Elena’s current client base and/or those currently negotiating.

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Real estate is more than looking at homes. You need a local expert that can make the process easier from beginning to end. Whether you are buying or selling, Elena will leverage her 28+ years of experience and connections to get you the most value.

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