Preparing Your House for Professional Photography

Selling a house is more than just putting up a sign in the yard. In the digital age, how a property appears online can be vital in attracting potential buyers. According to RubyHome, real estate listings that include professional photographs sell 32% faster. This article will guide you through the process of preparing your house for professional photography. Whether you're a real estate agent or preparing to sell your own house, you'll find valuable insights and practical advice here.

Fast Facts about Real Estate Photography

  • According to, the importance of high-quality photography is affirmed by 72.2% of Realtors, who attribute it to winning more listings.
  • For 83% of buyers, pictures play a vital role in determining which homes to visit.
  • High-quality photography is considered ‘crucial’ for selling homes by 61.3% of brokers.
  • Homes with high dynamic range (HDR) photos not only sell 50% faster but also increase online views by 118%.
  • When it comes to a faster sale, homes with drone or aerial photos have a 68% advantage.

Useful guidance for photographing your home to sell

Removing personal items and tidying up

When taking photos to sell a house, decluttering and depersonalizing the space create a more universal appeal. Remove personal belongings like family photos and clear kitchen counters of small appliances. Fresh flowers can add a nice touch, but keep the space neutral so potential buyers can envision their own belongings in the room.

Trust the professionals

A professional real estate photographer possesses the right equipment and skills needed to capture the property in the best light. Listing photos should tell a compelling story, and professionals know how to create that through their lens.

Presenting the bathroom appealingly

Clearing the bathroom counter of personal items and adding fresh flowers can make a big difference. Remember to turn off ceiling fans to avoid blurry photos. Light bulbs should match in color and intensity to ensure good photos.

Considering weather for the shoot

Weather plays a significant role in exterior photos. Overcast days may provide the best lighting, but planning the photo shoot on a cloudy day may require flexibility and adjustments on the part of the photographer.

Concentrating on photography over decoration

Focus on taking photos that emphasize the home's features rather than the decor. The right angle and perspective can convey the entire room’s essence without over-emphasizing personal taste in decor.

Cleaning windows for natural light

Natural light plays a big role in real estate photos. Cleaning windows will not only show off views but also emphasize the natural light flowing into the rooms.

Capturing the home's unique aspects

Photograph the home's best features using a wide-angle lens to ensure that the first picture creates a strong first impression. Highlight selling points like a beautiful garden or a cozy fireplace.

Taking photos from the room's corners

Shoot photos from the corner of the room to make the space look larger. A professional photographer knows how to use angles to create a more inviting image.

Professional and novice photography: contrasting qualities

Understanding the difference between professional and amateur photography is vital. Professionals invest in post-production, have the best equipment, and know how to take pictures of your house to sell it effectively. They understand how to use a wide-angle lens and the importance of lighting and angles to create great photos.

The essentials of lighting: finding the perfect moment to shoot

Timing and lighting are essential in real estate photography. Professionals often shoot photos a few hours before the sun sets to capture the best lighting. They understand that light fixtures, the position of the sun, and even the type of light bulbs can make a big difference in the quality of the photos.

The most effective colors in real estate images

Colors can convey emotions and impressions. Professional real estate photographers understand which colors work best in real estate photos to appeal to home buyers. They know how to utilize color to enhance a room's space and create compelling images.

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